Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am not Hans Zimmer

With all the confusion going around regarding the use of my song "Mind Heist" in the 3rd Inception trailer, I figured it might be helpful to clarify things.

I am not Hans Zimmer. This is what Hans Zimmer looks like:

This is what I look like hiking through the woods during winter:

As you can see, we are not the same person. But the differences don't end there…

Hans Zimmer has composed scores for movies such as Dark Knight, Crimson Tide, and Inception.

Zack Hemsey has composed the scores for the following movies:___________________

At the same time, one can't deny that there are definitely some peculiarities regarding the connection between Zack Hemsey and Hans Zimmer.

Both of their first names have 4 letters. Both of their last names have 6 letters. Both of their initials consist of the the letters H and Z.

The exceptional designer Omead Afshari put this video together:

Hmmmm……maybe I am Hans Zimmer.


  1. Hello Zack!

    I really quite enjoyed the 3rd Inception trailer music. It was quite epic.

    I just thought I’d give you a heads up on your website — something that might be an easy fix:

    When you type in your website loads fine.

    But when you type in it shows you a GoDaddy landing page.

    That’s OK though because you can order books about the cast of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” thanks to GoDaddy advertisements.

  2. Hey Zack, first of all I would like to say how great your score for the Inception trailer is, and to ask you to please continue writing such beautiful music. I hope to hear such an amazing full soundtrack from you soon. Secondly, I purchased some songs from "the Empty Room" and think that is great work as well. Keep up the good work! This blog is pretty entertaining. You just gained a fan.

  3. Like everyone else, love Mind Heist, both in the trailer & as a stand alone piece. Is it available to buy?

  4. Zack,
    From one composer to another, what arrangement/production software do you use? I absolutely love Mind Heist. Great work. It was daring to go up to that angelic cord change. It works!


  5. Hey Zack, this song will probably be (for Inception) what Lux Aeterna was for Requiem For A Dream. Excellent piece, thumbs up!

  6. Dude! I'm guilty!!!

    I think a lot of people prob just assume that the trailer was scored by Zimmer (I was one of them). And then I just totally found out that I was crediting the wrong person on my blog >_<

    But now I know! And I have to tell you... I haven't had a piece of music affect me so much in a very long time!

    I totally agree with what tjasa said. Was just about to say the same thing! I think that piece of music was prob the last one to have the same effect that "Mind Heist" has on me now.

    Keep it up :]

  7. Mind Heist blew my mind...I never had a reaction like that to music from a trailer. Congrats and good luck in your career!

  8. I love watching the third trailer to inception just to hear the music XD

    Have you done any more trailer work as of late??
    Be sure to let us know! XD

  9. Your music is incredible. I've never heard anything like it. You are my new favorite artist. Keep up the incredible work.

  10. zack the music was out fucking standing. cant get it out of my head

  11. Zack, I'm a film producer out of Miami fl... how can I contact you?

  12. Hello, I'm a girl in south korea.
    Your music is really good like Hans zimmer!
    I can't write english well....
    But you are really good!

  13. In 10 years we´re going to read in some blog "I´m not Zack Hemsey". Excelent music, one ot the best trailers

  14. Hey Zack!
    Mind Heist was mind-blowing. I'm still curious about the foghorn sound. Zimmer has talked a lot about how he draw it from a slowed down version of Piaf. How about you? Did you know he was going to use it, or was he even inspired by you?


  15. I can only confirm what all others are saying: Mind Heist is simply fantastic!! How about describing what it was like composing such a piece? Were you involved in the production process? Did you see the trailer and composed the music? Or the other way round? How about a blog post about that? :)

  16. Hello all....I just realized that I don't get notified when someone leaves a comment - so my apologies for the lack of response. I didn't expect to see any comments at all.

    Regarding other / future work, you can always check out

    Regarding background information on the creative process for working on the 3rd Inception trailer, unfortunately I'm not aloud to discuss that, due to contractual non-disclosure issues. Hopefully in the future such restrictions will be lifted, and I can do my best at trying to sound really important as I discuss the project.

    Farewell for now...

  17. Hi Zack, I love your music, you have a great sound. Empty Room is great. Keep it up man, I look forward to hearing your stuff.

  18. I’ll just leave this here :)


  20. Hi ,
    I am Rajeev from India. I really liked Mind Heist. Very good :) . I was really amazed to find out you are 2 years older than me. great work.

  21. Great work Zack. Any chances of us getting to listen to The Town trailer theme purely as a music piece and not mixed with dialogues, like we got Mind Heist from Inception.
    Mumbai, India

  22. Oh my gosh this is such a great score, do you know where i can buy the score i would love to show it to my orchestra thanks!

  23. @NAVAS1979 - I've released 3 hip hop albums....yeah, I like hip-hop. I'm not the right guy to supply you with beats, but if you want to hear an interesting perspective on hip-hop, check out my last album Empty Room, and the Nine Leaves album "Peace In Death".

  24. @notorious... At some point in the future, most definitely. But for the time being, due to contractual restrictions, I'm unable to release or distribute that track.

  25. @Linus... I haven't published the score, so unless there is an independent transcription floating around somewhere, you are out of luck...perhaps in the future it will be published though.

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  27. Mind Heist is an absolutely MIND BLOOOOOWWWWWWWIIIIIIIIING piece of work. I did not expect you to be so young. Count me in as another massive fan of yours.

    I'll say one thing because you are young and hopefully share the viewpoints of the majority of youth. Please, as you gain more of a foothold in Hollywood, make sure that you have a substantial freedom regarding use of of your works (i.e. you are free to use your creations in a fair manner, not as per the whims of the studio), while negotiating future contracts. This way, maybe 3 years down the line you can distribute your creations and even their back stories to your fans for a nominal price and gain even more fans in return.

  28. Your Inception trailer has got to be one of the most iconic track in the history of film making. The first string section tiptoeing into the horn section with the background beat is stupendous.

  29. i can't find words which hold sufficient praise for your work on the inception trailer.

  30. Come on, Zack. You've kept up the charade long enough. We all know who REALLY wrote the music for this trailer.


  31. Haha! I was just having an argument with my wife about who composed Inception's trailer music. Sorry Zack, I was rooting for Hanz... ;)

    But that led me to Wikipedia and than to this post. The argument was settled in a really funny way! :D

    Anyway, Mind Heist is awesomely stupendous! You rock man!

    Have you ever thought about doing video-game music? Some franchises would clearly fit this style... :)

  32. Man, I'm always correcting people about that inception soundtrack. Everyone thinks it's Hans Zimmer, saying things like "That guy is a GOD of soundtracks!" When -- heh -- it was the trailer music they were referring to ... and he didn't even write it.

    You're amazingly talented. Keep it up.


  33. Also, have you seen all the recut trailers on youtube using your music? Pretty funny.

  34. I like the music for "Inception: Trailer 3". Is it actually named "Mind Heist" or is that another song of yours?

    I've got another question:

    Did you also compose the music for the Inception Teaser? I mean this one:

    If you did - nice work! If not - still nice work ;-)

    Greetings from Germany

  35. I was confused too.. now that i see the pictures no more confusion. Your much more of a stud! haha:)

  36. That is some good ass shit man...

  37. I love the 3rd trailer music. You NEED to do an entire score for a movie. NEEEEED to. I am sorry I confused you with Zimmer. The music really sounded like something he would make. It is epic. Grammy epic.

  38. Hello Zack, just logged on to say that I got you two confused, and that I've been searching for Mind Heist for ages because it really is *the best song in Inception*. No jokes, I listened to the whole Inception soundtrack my friend bought and was like... where's the song for the trailer??? Haha after googling I found you wrote it. love it. Also I'm now checking out your other work with trailers and Nine Leaves. Respect man keep up the good work. - Andrew

  39. Hey Hans Zimmer!
    What are you talking about?
    Is this your alias?

  40. Hans Zimmer is great. I thought no one could reach his level.

    Then I saw a Breaking Bad trailer on youtube with Zack Hemsey music.

    I was wrong! The confusion is understandable. You are as great as Hans Zimmer.

    Can't wait to hear more of your work.

  41. Love @Snuze above's comment about Mind Heist tune. Zack Hemsey captured the 'layers of consciousness' mystery in Inception, a fantastic movie.

  42. Love your music! Just gets a vibe going that is unreal.
    Hope you still go hiking through the woods ;-)

  43. Still loving it almost every day since 2012

  44. stumbled upon your music in epic Mr Robot soundtrack. now exploring it more. It is great. thank you

  45. Great work Zack. Any chances of us getting to listen to The Town trailer theme purely as a music piece and not mixed with dialogues, like we got Mind Heist from Inception.
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    1. You're referring to the song "Redemption", which is track 2 on the album The Way.